Types of accommodation

The supply of accommodations is huge and it is very hard to find suitable place to stay if you don’t understand the difference of all the establishments that offers the opportunity to stay over a night. Every traveler has different individual needs regarding accommodation and it is lot easier to satisfy them if you look at most appropriate accommodation category.

Hotel is the most popular type of accommodation. It provides not only accommodation itself, but also other guest services such as catering, transfer, entertainment etc. This is also the widest type of accommodation, because hotels are classified in categories itself. Usually there are 5 categories rated with stars or letters from A to E. These categories differ with such aspects as size, location amenities. Hotels usually are expensive, so they are suitable for those who are willing to pay for the comfort.

Hostel is lower class accommodation than hotel. Usually it provides only accommodation itself and catering. Rooms and facilities in hostels usually have to be shared with other guests. They are significantly cheaper than most of the hotels, so they are appropriate for backpackers and budget travelers.

Motel is something similar to hostel (with minimal amenities), but with adjustments to park motor vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, trailers etc. Motels usually are located on the side of the road, so drivers could find them easily and stay over a night any time. They are usually used by lorry and other drivers.

Guest house or a cottage is small accommodation in rural area. Usually there is only until 10 rooms in a guest house. Lot of them is simple rural properties, modified into an accommodation. Rooms usually are simple and facilities has to be shared, but there are some rural tourism attractions offered such as bath house, walking trails, nature tourism objects etc. Guest houses are appropriate for those who are looking not only for accommodation, but also some rural activities.

Mansion or villa is luxury variation of a guest house. They usually are located on huge, solitary property and building itself is historic and architecturally significant. They usually offer very sophisticated rooms, catering and other services. Mansions are meant for those travelers, who are looking for top service.

Resort is type of accommodation that concentrates more on extra services. Rooms and basic services are on the same level as in hotels, but there are lots of recreational services provided. Usually they are located next to beach and they are equipped with pools, bath houses, SPA centers, lounges, gyms etc. They are meant for holidaymakers who are willing to pay for expensive service.

Camping is a place where tents, huts, or other temporary structures can be set. Usually there is a place for a campfire and separated facilities near camping. There are no amenities, but some extra entertainments can be offered. This is one of the cheapest accommodations. Usually adventure and active tourists choose campaigns.

Glamping is a glamour camping with amenities. Unlike in traditional camping, in glamping there are small houses with all the facilities instead of tents. It is appropriate for travelers, who would like to enjoy the nature, but have some amenities as well.

These are the basic types of accommodation, but they can also be subdivided. Nowadays also all kind of unique and interesting accommodations can be found, but is you are not looking for something extraordinary, these descriptions of accommodation types could be useful.