Types of hotel rooms

When it comes to booking a hotel room, client should know everything about the room types to choose the appropriate one. Not knowing what exactly each term stands for may cause a lot of disagreements and problems so here is a list of most often used terms of hotel room types.

Single room is a room with only one queen size (single) bed, which is meant for one person only. All the facilities also are meant for one person. Usually, beside bed, there is only one table and chair in the room. It has all the basic amenities, but the room is quite small and casual. It is the cheapest type of room in most of the hotels.

The next room type is double room. There is one king size bed in double room, which is meant for two people. Also one person can stay in double room, but all the facilities are meant for two people. Double room is bigger than single room and also there is more furniture. Standard double rooms are also quite casual with no extras.

Twin room is also meant for two people, but there are two queen size (single) beds in the room with separated headboards and table between the beds. All the other facilities and amentias are about the same as in double room.

Triple room is meant for three people with three separated queen size (single) beds. All the facilities are meant for three people. Also furniture is adapted to this amount of people staying.

Quad is a room meant for four people with four separated queen size (single) beds. Everything in the room is adapted for four people. Some hotels also offer rooms with more than four single beds, but usually four is maximum count of beds in one room.

Some hotels also offer family rooms. Usually family rooms have one double bed and one or two single beds, but there can also be different variants. The beds usually are sapareted either with furniture or folding screens. The facilities are adapted to the amount of people staying in the room.

Deluxe room is a luxurious version of either single or double room. It is well furnished, bigger and with some extra amenities, for example, fridge in the room or bath instead of shower. Deluxe rooms are more comfortable, but also a lot more expensive.

Studio room is single, twin or double bedroom with adjacent living room. The bed rooms are the same as typical single, twin or double rooms, but in the living room there is couch, coffee table and some chairs. Also the room can be equipped with small kitchen.

Suite includes at least two bedrooms, living room and dining room with small kitchen. There can be lot of combinations, for example, two double rooms or one double and one single room. There can also be penthouse or president suite, which are very luxurious and expensive.

And duplex room includes two separated bed rooms, in different floors. There can be also dining room, kitchen or living room added. Duplex rooms also have different variants available.