Special types of hotels

Hotel is the most common type of accommodation so there is huge competition between all these institutions. Even if the hotel provide high quality and is rated with five stars, that doesn’t make it one of the kind and clients will still has a chance to choose between many similar hotels. That is the reason why nowadays, hotel owners are trying to come up with something incredible, that other hotels can’t get. If you are tired of all the standard hotels, they might be perfect for you. Here is the list of specialty hotels.

The first type is boutique hotels. Those are hotels which are located in historical buildings. They are somehow associated with important historical events or personalities. Also the interior and exterior of them are associated with history. Visitors choose these kinds of hotels not only because of the quality or provided services, but also the atmosphere and story that comes along with the building.

The next type is cave hotels. Those are hotels those are located in real caves. In most cases the interior is made so the room wouldn’t look like typical cave. There are all the facilities provided, but the walls are actual, natural cave walls. Also these kind of hotels more focuses their image of the uniqueness and don’t think so much about ratings. Something similar to cave hotels are cliff hotels – located on the cliffs and the cliffs configurations are used as the base of hotel.

Ice hotels are hotels made form real ice. Just few years ago there was only one ice hotel and it was considered as something very unusual, but now there are many. Almost in all the countries that are located above the polar Circle there is at least one ice hotel. They must be built every season. Ice hotels really look amazing, but they are cold and uncomfortable. None of them are able to get more than one star, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be considered as luxurious hotels.

Tree house hotels also have become very popular. If look at the definitions, they are more similar to camping, but as there are different, high quality services provided they are being called hotels. Of course, they are not as comfortable as traditional hotels, but the saying in them can be an adventure itself. These kinds of hotels are especially popular in exotic countries to provide the authenticity.

Underwater hotels also are nothing new, but staying in them is a very interesting and can give authentic experience. They are hotels that actually are built either under natural waters or artificial aquarium.

These are not the only types of specialized hotels. There are also bunch of other types and even some hotels that really are one of a kind. Although these hotels can’t get high ratings, because of their unique design, they are still considered as very high quality hotels and in most cases they are even more expensive than five star hotels.