Hotel ratings

Nowadays there can be many different hotels found with wide verity of services provided. When it comes to booking the hotel, it is very important for the client to easily find a hotel that is appropriate for his needs and conform the requirements for quality. That’s why there is rating systems introduced.

Hotel ratings are used to classify all the hotels by the quality. These ratings clearly can show the client if the hotel is appropriate for him or not. Each rating includes requirements for specific facilities. However, there are some rating systems that focus more on overall quality not specific facilities and services.

There is wide verity of rating or classification systems. Usually they are created by some hotel associations or other organizations that are related to accommodation or tourism in general, but some countries also have their own rating systems. The most common ones that are used almost in any country and of which most of the people are aware of are star rating system and A to F rating system, but you should be careful with them, because they can have different meanings in different countries. There is no international classification system. There have been attempts to create one, but they were all unsuccessful.

The most popular classification is the one created by European Hotelstars Union. It is used in most of the European courtiers which are members of this union. However countries outside Europe are not part of this system, most of the countries still use quite similar standards of classifications.

European Hotelstars Union classification system provides rating from one star to five stars with superior class of each rating. One star represents Tourist hotels. For a hotel to be rated as one star hotel it must provide WC and shower or bath in each room, daily cleaning, TV in the room, table and chairs in the room, soap and body wash, breakfast included and possibility of catering provided. One star superior hotel provides the same facilities, but it is a little bit better in some ways, so they are closer to two star hotels. There are superior versions of other categories as well and there are the same requirements for them.

Two star or standard hotel must provide all the facilities that one star hotel must provide and also buffet type breakfast, lights next to bed, high quality body wash and other sanitary products, towels and sheets from natural materials.

Three star or comfort hotels must provide all the facilities that one and two star hotels must provide and also reception which is opened at least 14 hours a day, luggage services, room service, telephone in each room, internet access, mirror, hair dryer and tissues in the room, extra pillows and blankets.

Four star or first class hotels must provide all the facilities that one, two and three star hotels must provide and also reception which is opened at least 18 hours a day, lobby, mini bar, cosmetic products and bath robe and restaurant in a hotel.

And the five star or luxury hotel most provide everything mentioned above and also 24 hour reception, doorman service, concierge service, 24 hour room service, internet access in the room, safe in the room and high class services.