Hidden coasts of accommodation

Those who are not familiar with hotel services and payment policies might end up with huge hotel bills, although the price shown on booking site or website of the hotel was pretty low. Hotels and other accommodation providers have come up with almost infinite ways how to charge some extra money from their clients. What is the worst thing about that – clients usually are not aware of that and use extra services as they were free of charge. To avoid that you should which are the hidden coasts of accommodation?

Nowadays quite popular is service fee. Actually that is tip for housekeeper or other hotel staff, which is compulsory charge. Usually tips are voluntary, but as there are many clients who are not willing to pay them, many hotels add them to bill. They usually are small, but if you stay in hotel for a long time, it might grow and become quite meaningful.

Also snacks and bottled water in the room in most cases is not complimentary as many clients think. Just because they are into your room and put on your desk, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for them. Usually there is list of prices put somewhere on the table, but if the client doesn’t notice that, he probably will think all of that is free of charge. Also these snacks are very expensive. Bottle of water can cost even 5 EUR, so be very careful with that.

In the high quality hotels and resorts there is sometimes groundkeeper’s fee that is not included in the total price of hotel, but is added to bill later. It is fee for using the parks, lawns, gardens and other outdoor places that is a part of hotels property. Usually it is charged from every client, no matter if they actually go outside or not.

Parking is charged extra in many hotels, beside the charges of that can be quite big. If there is guarded parking lot with parking services, that might even coast 50 EUR par day. So if you stay at the hotel for more than one day, you might have to spend huge amount of money. Better ask for prices before parking a car. If it is too much for you, leave your car somewhere else.

Taxes are the best tool for hotels. If the client is not aware of all the taxes of the place he is staying, there might be some extra expenditure. Many hotels show the prices of the room without any taxes and at the end note that there will be some taxes added. Be very careful with that. Better calculate the total price, because in many cases all the taxes together can form huge bill.

So now you see that hotels can put some extra charges to almost anything. If you are using any other services than accommodation itself and breakfast, better ask if you have to pay for it or not. Also make some research to make sure everything about taxes and other hidden charges, so you won’t end up spending a lot more money than planned before.